It is so nice to see you here. 

I know what a struggle is to make the first step or even to admit to yourself that you might need some help.  It is not easy.  I’ve shown up to counselling sessions hiding in oversized jumpers with my head fully covered in a hoodie.  When the inside of you feels awful, the outside shows it.  When you are nervous about a topic, you dance around it.

Kellie Sheldon, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Perth Australia

I’ve experienced a counselling session where my therapist was more interested in my story as it intrigued him compared to helping me. I’ve sat in front of a counsellor, spoke about aspects of my sex life, and was fully aware I was making her uncomfortable. I have needed to see a health professional and needed to make up stories to protect myself as I wasn’t sure if they were open to aspects of kink and sexuality. I wasn’t sure if they would understand or judge me.

I have tried to talk to friends about my style of relationships only to be met with apprehension. It is hard to speak openly to people who don’t understand where you are at. How can they understand? We know all of what we choose to do is a choice; it is built on consent. It’s built on trusting the person you are with. Kink and BDSM does not always equal abuse. It can be exhausting having to try and explain this to people, and then end up feeling misunderstood or judged regardless.

 This allows me to sit with you in your pain, confusion, excitement and hurt and offer genuine empathy as I have been there.   I hope that clears some concerns up for you.  It is important to me that you know this.

During my studies, I took the chance whenever possible to challenge my society-placed biases.  I dove head first into research around ethical non-monogamous relationships and sex. You and your community deserve a therapist whom you can open up to and not have to filter your words. That is important to me. That is my mission.

We don’t create our feelings; they simply come to us, and we have to accept them. The trick is, to welcome them”

~ Hector Garcis Puigcerver

How can I help you?

I understand it is difficult for you to sit in your feelings of confusion, shame, embarrassment, grief, and even excitement.  Humans do everything we can to avoid those ‘bad’ emotions.   Sometimes we feel so many emotions at once that we do not know how to release them or even what they are.  Sexual concerns hold a lot of feelings and people don’t like to talk about them. It’s understandable.

Recognising the impact of my past traumas on my relationships and parenting has played a pivotal role in shaping my self-perception and values.

I learnt that working through my emotions, discovering who I am, and living my life was key in moving forward.  I have seen evidence of this in my counselling room with the men and women I have worked alongside.  I will be honest. It is difficult; sometimes, you will want to hide and not work through your feelings.  You will want to stay in feelings that you are used to, which is easier than admitting or feeling new ones.  Anger allows an outlet. Sadness allows you to hide.  I have seen breakthroughs because my clients felt safe to allow their emotions free – tears and words they have been holding back.

Kellie Sheldon - Counsellor and Psychotherapist.  Trauma and Sex Therapy, Midland, Australia

It’s essential to acknowledge how events and emotions affect us and how we behave during those times. As a psychotherapist and counsellor with tertiary qualifications, I can assist you in working through and comprehending your emotions. I can help you understand your relationship patterns and family stories to provide clarity. I’m here to lend an ear if you need to talk about your sexual struggles or needs. I’m here to help you understand your emotions, provide support and guidance to move forward, and most importantly, help you find hope for your future.  

Your future is promising, even if it doesn’t feel that way now.

Qualifications and Memberships

Bachelor of Arts – Psychology (major) and Therapeutic Practice (minor)

Post Graduate Diploma Psychotherapy and Counselling

Masters Counselling Practice

Level 3 membership – Australian Counselling Association

EMDRAA – EMDR Association of Australia

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60 min $185 inc GST

90min $260 inc GST

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90 mins $290 inc GST

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Stage 4 processing

90 mins $260 inc GST

Unfortunately, I am unable to accept your doctor’s Mental Health plans for free/discounted sessions. This is a government decision. If you have private health, you could be eligible for a rebate. You can see if your provider is listed here.

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