The Healing Space

The Room, the Safety Net, Where You Can Fall and Then Rise.

Part of my story in working with you is ensuring you had somewhere peaceful to process your emotions. Too often, counselling rooms for mental health are blank, harsh, and raw. Our emotions need somewhere soft to fall. 

Kellie Sheldon Counselling Room , Midland, Australia

When you arrive in my room, designed for you. I’d like you to be comfortable; please choose a space you would like to sit. I invite you to use the pillows if you need to hide or hug; please use the blankets to cover yourself. Take your shoes off, feel the carpet under your feet, and grab a glass of fresh, filtered water. The tissues are there if you need them, do not feel pressured to, as sometimes the best part of healing is to allow them to fall down our face.  As for the words you use – use them freely, don’t apologise! Langauge is important, its expressive. If you are angry, I want to hear it.

If you want to colour in or draw, I have supplies you can use. There are various colouring books, from easy childlike (great for inner child work) and adult styles. I have textas, pencils, watercolours, and plain paper. If you like to use paper cutouts or stickers, you are welcome to do so. 

I will most likely be barefoot; I like to feel the rug under my feet. I am a tactile person, and it assists with staying present and grounded for you.